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Casual everyday life relaxation


The body and mind of a modern human being is exposed to information and stress every day.
Would you like to repair your condition easily from your daily routine?
The characteristic natural ingredient “CBD” is harvested and extracted from nature and has become a new ingredient that supports stress management.


Oil  オイル


Recovery concentration


Improve stress


Relax and calm

“ataracia” CBD is your

  • Can’t sleep well
  • Indecisive and unable to move forward
  • Back and shoulders are tense
  • Can’t concentrate on work
  • Angry personality
  • Can’t organize ideas efficiently

I have been suffering from insomnia for a long time, and even after trying various things such as taking medicine, I was worried that I could not sleep. Immediately before going to bed, I take 3 drops of 1% daily, but even if I stand in the bathroom at night, I can sleep well until morning without worrying about it.

I go to the hospital every day with my husband’s care, but I’m happy that I can sleep well at night, so I don’t have to be physically hard.

T.H,/Female (70s)

A 5-year-old daughter has a severe dryness and itching. In particular, I was bothered before going to bed at night, so I was worried about what to do. After listening to rumors about CBD oil online, I immediately purchased a high-concentration oil and tried it. My daughter’s itchy skin is better, and I would like to buy a cream to apply on her skin if possible.

B.S,/male (30s)

I ran a company and I didn’t feel rested when I got home, and I often got tired of sleeping and had nightmares. However, drinking 1% of this CBD oil allowed me to sleep well until morning. I find it very useful because I feel that my sleep quality has improved, and I can regain my concentration by drinking it when I feel tired during the day. Currently, 1% 30ml type is used in the bedroom at home and 3.3% 10ml type is carried in a bag for portable use. I like it when it’s applied to my skin, so I can use it for skin care.

K.K / Female (30s)

 5 Processes for Quality Safety

・Domestic Manufacturing
・THC 0% *
・Select Team of Experts **
・Independent Analysis of all raw material components
・Imported and Sold with permission from the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare

* We use only raw materials manufactured in authorized factories that follow Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) in the United States and are registered with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).
** Collaboration with the Japan Cannabinoid Society. Supervised by Professor Sato, Showa University


ataracia 10ml 1% 100mg

ataracia 30ml 1% 300mg

ataracia 30ml 3.33% 1,000mg


ataracia 10ml 7% 700mg

ataracia 30ml 7% 2,100mg

ataracia 10ml 15% 1,500mg

CBD ファミリークリーム

How to use and taste CBD oil

Please drip the oil under the tongue with the dropper that comes with the product.
After dripping, hold the oil in the mouth for a while and then swallow slowly. This is recommended to help the components become easily absorbed into the body.

ataracia’s CBD oil offers a refreshing taste with less oil.
Because it is tasteless, odorless and less oily, it is easy to drink than other MCT oils.
It goes well with coffee and makes the bitterness mellow.

* If it is difficult to drink from the included dropper, place the drops in a spoon.
* If it is difficult to ingest the oil alone, one can also consumed it by mixing it with a drink or yogurt.

Customer’s Voice

A.M / Female (20's) Skin trouble has been improved.

I became pregnant, suffered from excessive dry skin and sensitive skin, and tried various cosmetics, but none of them worked.
Skin trouble has been improved by using this product.
In addition to being soft and stretchy, the texture is highly moisturizing and moisturizes for a long time.
Also, CBD has the effect of adjusting the skin turnover, and it was able to heal the rough skin relatively quickly and cleanly. (Original text)

S/male (30's) I can sleep well.

I really like not only me but also my wife. There is also a sense of security made in Japan,
We had a fight with his wife once a month and had trouble, but we were helped by this product.
My wife is sleeping well and the movie is calmly watched by both of us, and I am really grateful for the suggestion. (Original text)

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