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is CBD illegal?

our CBD oil does not contain any illegal ingredients.

our CBD oil is a hemp-derived oil. for this reason, some people have questions such as “is it illegal?”, but our CBD oil does not use cannabis leaves or flowers that are prohibited by law in Japan. so there are no legal problems with our products.

ataracia’s oil is sold under license from the Ministry of Health and Welfare’s and is a safe domestic product. so it is a product that can be used safely by anyone who has never before used CBD oil.

about cannabis in Japan

rhe difference between illegal hemp and legal hemp products in Japan is determined by the parts that are used.

according to the Cannabis Control Law, regulated cannabis includes mature stems and seeds. In other words, it is legal to have a product that is produced using stems or seeds.
actually, the stem part is often used for textiles in Japan, and the seeds are used in Shichimi pepper.
the ingredient that is regulated in Japan is “THC”.
THC stands for tetrahydrocannabinol, and hallucinations and delusions unique to cannabis are caused by this component.
this ingredient is seldom found in mature stems and seeds. please be assured that our CBD oil does not contain any THC.

differences between illegal and legal cases

illegal cases

・use of cannabis leaves
・use of cannabis flowers

legal cases

・uses or made from parts that are legal (stems and seeds) such as our CBD

a new Japanese CBD brand.


ataracia is a CBD brand from Japan.
All products are supervised by a university professor.
We deliver safe and secure CBD products.