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from japan

a new CBD brand.

ataracia is the CBD brand from Japan.
truly superior CBD – bringing calm to Japan and the whole World.
All products are supervised by a university professor.
We deliver safe and secure CBD products.

Supervised by a university professor.
Safe and secure
Easy to use CBD oil.


ataracia’s CBD oil is recommended by university professors, and is produced safely domestically.
It consists of 99% pure CBD and the variant vCBD.

Domestic made and THC free
Relaxing Kyoto Candy (honey lemon flavor)

Our CBD is hand-crafted into a carefully prepared Kyoto candy.
A refreshing candy with lemon and honey.

A gentle CBD cream filled with moisturizing ingredients derived from sake.

Our cream contains plenty of the high moisturizing ingredient glyceryl glucoside, which solves skin problems such as inflammation, and helps your skin be soft and full.

ataracia also handles wholesale and OEM production of raw materials for corporate customers.

what is CBD?

CBD stands for Cannabidiol and refers to a type of substance contained in hemp. it is one of the most promising oils that has the possiblity to have various mental uses such as helping with sleep and relaxation, as well as physical usess such as helping with skin trouble and pain.

ataracia offers various products with CBD in a variety of styles. all products are domestic produced and have been certified by the Ministry of Health and Welfare. all raw ingredients have also passed the strict US manufacturing standards (GMP). ataracia is a completely new brand that is safe and supervised by a university professor.


Q:Is CBD illegal? I'm anxious when I hear about hemp.

A: CBD is not illegal in Japan. In Japan, the use of hemp leaves and cotyledons (corollas) and their products is banned, but this is excluding hemp stems and seeds and products derived from them. CBD is a “product derived from hemp stalks and seeds”, so there is no problem in using it.

Q:Does CBD cause hallucinations?

A:CBD does not cause hallucinations. CBD is a component derived from cannabis, but there is no tetrahydrocannabinol, a component that causes hallucinations. So with CBD, one can use  the product with confidence.

To Japanese 致海外客户

a new Japanese CBD brand.


ataracia is a CBD brand from Japan.
All products are supervised by a university professor.
We deliver safe and secure CBD products.