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hemp and the history of mankind

the history of cannabis and humanity is from very long ago


the history of cannabis and mankind goes back quite a long time. it is said that the oldest example of cannabis excavated in China was from 2,700 years ago, and was for the pharmacological effects it had. cannabis has a long history of use as a medicinal herb, for clothing, and luxury goods, and it is said that Queen Victoria used it to relieve menstrual cramps. it was especially used as an active drug among the upper classes in Europe.


in Japan, hemp has been a familiar plant for a long time.


hemp has a long history in Japan, and is used in everyday items. until around 1900, there was a history of seeds being edible in addition to fiber being used in materials.

hemp is inseparable from the Shinto Religion in Japan in particular. it has been used for rituals since ancient times. it was used for lanyards, and the fibers woven into fabric and given to the gods.

familiar items derived from hemp

-shichimi pepper-

hemp seeds are contained in Shichimi pepper. of course, cannabis seeds are used to the extent permitted under the Cannabis Control Law.


hemp (linen), a material that can be worn lightly and enjoyed all year round, is also of course derived from hemp.

-shime rope-

it is said that hemp is a plant that was often involved Shinto rituals since ancient times.

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