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ataracia is a brand of CBD from Japan.

Manufactured in Japan with the highest quality control.


ataracia is a brand of Japanese-made CBD products.

All the products we handle are manufactured in Japan using only raw materials manufactured at official factories registered with the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) under the highest standards of management.

ataracia follows the strict GMP (standard of manufacturing control and quality control of pharmaceuticals and quasi drugs) in the United States.


Showa University professor supervises all of our products.


All of our products are approved by the Ministry of Health and Welfare.

In addition, Prof. Hitoshi Sato of Showa University School of Pharmaceutical Sciences, who is officially collaborating with the Japanese Society for Cannabinoids and researching the pharmacological functions and possibilities of CBD, supervises our products in full.



ataracia has 3 types of products

-Oil type-

Oil type CBD. This type is recommended for the most efficient way to consume.


-Candy type-

Candy type CBD. Easy to carry and easy to use. It is also perfect as a gift.

-Cream type-

Cream type CBD. Moisturizing and the moisturizing effect can be used not only for women’s skin care but also for men such as after shaving.

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Nori Yoshino


After graduating from Kwansei Gakuin University, he joined the Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi. After taking over the family business in the real estate industry, he worked in finance, trade and AI in Japan and overseas.
His aims are to complete a Iron Man Race, to overcome endurance sports that he is not particulary adapt at, as well as support his company and friends’ company.


Kobe Marathon 2012
Ladies & Beginners Triathlon 2019
Osaka Castle Triathlon (planned)


Pablo Andújar Alba


He is a male professional tennis player from Cuenca, Spain. Height 180cm, weight 76kg. Right-handed and his backhand stroke is double-handed.


The ATP tour final has 9 singles and 6 doubles. He is good at clay courts, and the past four singles and nine finals were all clay court competitions. In 2019, he participated in Australian Open, French Open, Wimbledon, and US Open.


2004 Junior World Ranking 5th
2004 French Open Junior Men’s Doubles Champion
2011 ・ 2012 ・ Hasan II Grand Prix winner
2013 Madrid Open Best 4
2015 Barcelona Open Runner-up
2018 Hasan II Grand Prix winner


Q: Is CBD illegal? I'm worried when I hear hemp.

A: Our CBD is not illegal. In Japan, hemp is prohibited that uses leaves, flower ears (corolla) and their products, excluding hemp stems and seeds. Since our CBD is a “product of hemp stalks and seeds derived from them”, there is no legal problem, even if used.

Q: Does CBD cause hallucinations?

A: CBD deos not cuase HALLUCINATIONS. Although CBD is a cannabis-derived component, the component “tetrahydrocannabinol”, which is thought to cause the hallucinations, is not included in CBD.

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