To corporate customers

ataracia is engaged in wholesale sales and OEM manufacturing of CBD products and raw materials for corporate customers.

About wholesale of CBD products and raw materials

In addition to CBD products sold at ataracia, we also offer wholesale sales of CBD powders, oils, and raw materials such as isolated broad spectrum.

If you are thinking about developing your own CBD product, please contact us.

We will propose the perfect plan for your company.

About OEM

If you are considering OEM for CBD products, leave it to ataracia.
Since we handle raw materials themselves, we can answer a wide range of commercialization needs.


Available from a minimum of 300 lots!
Capable of responding to a wide range of commercialization needs
Samples can be manufactured in 2 weeks to 1 month [pay]

List of handling items

Cream, oil, candy, incense, liquid, milky lotion, lotion, face mask, bath salt

OEM flow

① First meeting

Please contact us for product image, number of lots and unit price. We will propose the optimum specifications.

② Prompt sample production

If you wish to make a sample [paid], we will make a prototype and proceed to sample production. Produced and delivered quickly in about 2 weeks to 1 month.

③ Estimate and full-scale manufacturing

Once the number of lots and specifications are determined, a formal estimate will be made. We will proceed to full-scale manufacturing and deliver it in about 2 months *.

* Excluding stability test. If implemented, it will be delivered for 4 months.

Download COA information

COA information material (pdf) can be downloaded from this form.
Please fill in the necessary information and download it.

Please feel free to contact us for any questions.

Please contact us for any inquiries regarding product concerns or concerns.