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Contains 75mg of CBD
A gentle cream with plenty of moisturizing ingredients derived from Japanese sake.

ataracia family cream is a cream containing 75mg of CBD.
Because it contains plenty of high moisture retention glyceryl glucoside,
Not only solves skin problems such as inflammation, but also helps your skin to be plump.


Do you have such skin problems?

Excessive dry skin in pregnancy or childbirth
UV trouble, sunburn
Skin irritation
Skin dullness due to air conditioning or stress

family cream will help with your skin troubles.

ataracia family cream contains plenty of moisturizing ingredients and CBD. The cream with a fresh and light texture is well-familiar with the skin and keeps it moisturized. The fragrance is odorless, so you can use it refreshingly, and it is recommended not only for women but also for men after shaving.

   Contains industry-famous beauty ingredients, CBD
  CBD * ‘s high antioxidant power prevents inflammation
and care for skin stress
  Plenty of highly moisturizing ingredients derived from Japanese
sake that is safe to eat **
*CBD: Cannabidiol (moisturizing ingredient)

**Skin care ingredient derived from persimmon Glyceryl Glucid



What is CBD?

CBD is an herbal polyphenol with excellent antioxidant power.

The active ingredient of our CBD oil consists only of 99% pure CBD and its variant vCBD, which has been inspected by a third party and checked by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare.

Various clinical benefits are recognized in other countries.

 5 Processes for Quality Safety

  • Domestic Manufacturing

  • THC 0% *

  • Select Team of Experts **

  • Independent Analysis of all raw material components

  • Imported and Sold with permission from the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare


* We use only raw materials manufactured in authorized factories that follow Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) in the United States and are registered with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).
** Collaboration with the Japan Cannabinoid Society. Supervised by Professor Sato, Showa University

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