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about cannabinoids

cannabinoids are a general term for the chemical substances contained in hemp.

cannabinoid is a general term for the medicinal components contained in cannabis, such as tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), cannabinol (CBN), and cannabidiol (CBD).

the use of hallucinogenic active THC is prohibited in Japan. of course, our CBD products sold in Japan do not contain any THC, only CBD extracted from stems and seeds.

what is CBDa (cannabidiol acid)?

CBDa refers to the form in which CBD is present in cannabis.
the original component, CBGa, is converted to cannabinoid precursor compounds such as THCa, CBCa, and CBDa.
the converted CBDa is transformed into CBD by heat and light and delivered to us.
in other words, CBDa is considered to be the predecessor of CBD.

it is said that CBDa can be 100 times more effective than CBD. it is a component with enormous potential that is still being studied.

a new Japanese CBD brand.


ataracia is a CBD brand from Japan.
All products are supervised by a university professor.
We deliver safe and secure CBD products.